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Building Back Better: Open Source TeleHealth

2020, its been a challenging time…. for everyone.   Now its the end of the Summer 2020, and time for the new term to start. There is no doubt that challenges are ahead.   As we move forward, the best way to frame this time, is of one of opportunity. So lets not look at […]

A Story of Makers & Takers

In my last post I was briefly looking at some of the successes that the Ripple Foundation has enjoyed over the last few years. In fostering change in the field of healthcare and in promoting the role of open source, openEHR and an open platform in healthcare its been challenging work so great to see uptake […]

Stories of Success

As many of you will know, following positive developments on the ground in Leeds, the Ripple Open Source Initiative began in 2015 and moved into the not for profit, Ripple Foundation shortly thereafter. In targeting and supporting the development of key open source components to address usability (PulseTile utilising Marmelab’s React-Admin framework), interoperability (Rob Tweed’s QEWD) […]

EtherCIS update: Growing the open source community effort in openEHR

We are pleased to update the openEHR community on the outcome of our EtherCIS international camp held over 3 days in London, December 2018. A group of 12 individuals, representing 8 nationalities from academia, commercial and non-profit sectors came together to explore, discuss and plan the growth of EtherCIS and the open source openEHR community […]

Digital Commons Academy

Hello and welcome to our Digital Commons Academy, a set of open access videos, which you are free to use and and share with colleagues. At Ripple Foundation we appreciate that digital advancement in health and care is complex so we’ve broken down the issues into a series of short but thorough videos for you […]

Open Digital Platform Challenge Fund

1) Executive Summary An NHS open digital platform challenge fund will stimulate the development of an open platform in the NHS. Open digital platforms are independently forecast by McKinsey and Co to reduce the delivery of care costs across the NHS by 11%. They will support widescale entry and growth of suppliers into the market, […]

How to deliver your Local Digital Roadmap

How to turn the Universal Capabilities within the Local Digital Roadmap – in the financial reality of the NHS. Local Digital Roadmaps set out how to achieve the ambition of paper free at the point of care by 2020 for the NHS.  77 areas across the nation have submitted documents and assessed themselves against ten […]

Open Source Telehealth

Get involved in the latest web enabled real time communication (webRTC) which is being developed within the Ripple showcase stack.   This open source video consultation software has endless opportunities for use across the health system from GPs communicating directly with patients at home, to multi-disciplinary teams from around a city meeting to discuss patient’s […]

Think you need an IDCR? Think again…

The letters IDCR are currently used in the NHS in England as an abbreviation for Integrated Digital Care Records, part of the latest push to transform health and care in England in the 21st Century towards more holistic, integrated, patient-centred care,  supported by the right healthcare IT. The abbreviation IDCR is the latest in a […]