Entries by Rebecca Nichells

EtherCIS developing at pace with radical new improvements

EtherCIS Clinical Data Repository is developing at pace with radical new improvements in its latest V1.2 release including enhanced security, more complex querying, federation,  improved configuration capabilities and much more. EtherCIS is the leading open source implementation of the openEHR standard in action (including AQL support) and these new developments make the use of EtherCIS […]

QEWD.js developments reach even greater heights

Developments in recent months have brought the leading work of QEWD.js to even greater heights. Three key areas bring the technology led by Rob Tweed of M/Gateway Ltd bang up to date in the refactoring of the Ripple-QEWD solution: Shift towards a microservices based architecture Leveraging the power of JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to secure […]

Open Requirements: A common cause and a common case

Ripple has been established on the basis that in the early part of the 21st century, those delivering care are under pressure. That pressure to change and improve services, allied to the increased financial constraints we are living through, means we need to consider collaboration towards a common cause as never before. We believe that […]