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Introducing PulseTile

Ripple Foundation is proud to introduce PulseTile – transforming usability with a clinically led UX/UI framework to support 21st Century care. Ripple Foundation is aiming for PulseTile to be one of the most useful UX/UI frameworks in healthcare.  PulseTile is the user interface that sits within the showcase stack that Ripple Foundation is promoting as […]

Healthcare Driven by Open Source Software

We want to encourage debate and discussion about Open Source and will repost and attribute articles whenever we can.  We would also like to encourage guest bloggers and commentators.   The article below has been co written by Source Code Control Limited and Protecode. Our thanks go to Martin Callinan for bringing it to our attention. […]

Plain English Guide to Information Sharing

Joseph Waller, Director of XML Solutions Phil Barrett, Programme Manager, Ripple Foundation Dr. Tony Shannon, Clinical Director, Ripple Foundation   Our work with Ripple is aimed at supporting Health & Social Care. Our mission is aimed at; Improving care to patients by supporting staff with better information and tools Support the creation of an open […]

Change story number 3: Story of Now

The word ‘opportunity’ is defined as ‘a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something’ which help to introduce our story of now. As one of 25 Integration Pioneers, we have been given the opportunity to blaze the trail for change and new ways of working to support Health and Social care. […]

Change story number 2: Story of Us

Integration Pioneers in the 21st Century There is a widely held view that 21st century care is under pressure, in a state of near-crisis in many places (ref #NHSwinter) where the burden of disease and the limitations of current health and social care systems are becoming ever more apparent.  We know that at the frontline, […]